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Fortieth Time's a Charm

For some people, blogging is hard. I can’t count the amount of domains, websites, blogs and Tumblrs I’ve created in my life and deleted on a whim because I hadn’t posted in months and it wasn’t coming to fruition the way I expected it to. I was doing it for the wrong reasons.

I always thought I needed a blog to promote my novels. I’ve been writing books since I was 13. In 2013 I self-published a science fiction novel entitled ‘Rouge’, and two more subsequently after to complete my series by 2015. I travelled the world, lived my twenties, wrote nine more books and have dreamed of becoming a traditionally published author for near a decade. It seemed only sensible that I create a website in order to further promote my work.

It was only recently during the rather revolutionary COVID-19 pandemic that I came to realize that although writing is like breathing to me, and making a living off such projects is a dream I have yet to accomplish, it is not my world. Not entirely, at least. My world is me. My family. My friends. My job. My home. The things in my life that bring me joy. And whilst that may not be as interesting as published books, I’ve decided this blog is not for the interest of others. It’s for me to relinquish my thoughts and musings in a way that is freeing, creative and perhaps entertaining for others who stumble upon it.

The image attached to this post is my bedroom view, and where a lot of my inspiration comes, and if you're jealous, you should be. I couldn't be more blessed.

Thanks for stopping by.


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Arnold Kumar
Arnold Kumar
Oct 24, 2021

It's brilliant. The view from the bedroom is so beautiful. I wish one day, I can finally achieve my long awaiting dream of travelling abroad and visiting places I've yet to see.

Also, love your blog. It's nice.


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