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Books by Isabella

ROUGE is the first title in the epic science fiction fantasy trilogy of a girl who played with fire... 

Hunter Harrison is no superhero. She doesn't wear a cape, or a lycra suit, or prance around dark alleyways looking for punk-ass kids to torment. But Hunter has a power; the power to control fire. And it is one nasty flame brewing in her soul.

In the midst of her senior year, uncovering the truth about her parent's death and how she came to inherit such abilities, and falling in love with a nerdy activist from her school, Hunter finds herself in a battle with a supernatural flame that reacts to her every emotion. Anger, fear, even passion arouse the flame within and Hunter fights to keep her identity secret whilst also protecting those she loves.

But being a hero is easier said than done, especially when tragedy strikes and Hunter is forced to make a choice; let the fire take control and seek revenge for her loss, or walk away. But mercy is a bitch, especially when there’s a fire boiling inside her hotter than the darkest pits of hell.


A riveting sequel, EMBERS & ICE takes a dark turn... 

Everyone is wrong about hell.

Vulnerable and weak after her battle with her guardian Joshua, Hunter is snatched up by the Agents who work for a ruthless and cold institution called ICE. There, Hunter is imprisoned with other mutants of different ages and abilities, forced into a nightmare of constant experiments and brutality.

Joshua is a mess. Frantically trying to fix the mistakes he made, Joshua embarks on a quest across the country to find Hunter and rescue her. But the company he keeps is continuously distracting him, and Joshua can’t control the strange feelings of love and comfort that begin to boil inside his cold, icy heart.

Will Hunter escape and find her fire again, or will Joshua and his mistakes find her first?


The world-ending finale of the ROUGE SERIES... 

After Hunter and Will are rescued from the terrifying ICE institution, Hunter is met with several new challenges; facing Joshua for the first time since the warehouse, forgiving him for the mess he made of her life, and mending the shaken relationship she has with Will after their horrific last few days in ICE. Just when it seems like healing is possible, Hunter discovers Eli and Jenny are alive, putting a wedge in her relationship with Will. When the FBI move in on the hunt for Dr. Wolfe, Hunter and the others are introduced to a secret society that supports superheroes. The threat of Dr. Wolfe's power continues to
consume them, and in the chaos and confusion, Hunter almost forgets that she left Jack and her resurrected father back in ICE.

Before the ultimate battle between hero and villain, Hunter has to endure more loss, heartbreak and horror than ever before. But she also finds joy in uniting with her friends from ICE and rekindling a lost flame with Joshua. During the last stretch of her courageous journey, Hunter realizes it is not the power that makes her a hero... it's the
consuming fire within.


For more books by Isabella, visit her Wattpad site HERE.

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